Social Innovation for Education

Social Innovation for Education

Alfonso Molina at “100 Visions for the Future of Education”

Ashoka Italia, together with the Fondazione CR Firenze, has organised a two-day conference (Feb. 29 – March 1) dedicated to educational communities (schools, students, families, institutions, non-governmental bodies and companies) to stimulate, unite, and share innovation experiences and leverage individual visions, stories, skills, and motivations in order to activate a collective impact.

“100 Visions for the Future of Education” has four main objectives:

  • Celebrate the 100 leaders of educational innovation
  • Inspire a community of change
  • Create connections between key players in the educational landscape
  • Replicate good practices through informal exchanges

The event will be held at the Innovation Centre of the Fondazione CR Firenze (Lungarno Soderini 21). Over the two days, institutional meetings, keynote speeches, and focus groups will alternate to encourage the informal exchange of good practices.

Alfonso Molina, Ashoka Fellow since 2016, will speak in tomorrow’s parallel session on “How can social innovation support the education system?” scheduled from 3.00 to 4.15 pm. The parallel sessions will allow educaitonal leaders to discuss key topics in the Italian and international educational panorama, as indicated in the “Roads of Innovation. Tracing the Transformation of Education in Italy” [also see: Social Innovation at School].


  • Alfonso Molina, Ashoka Fellow, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Giulia Detomati, Ashoka Fellow, InVento Innovation Lab
  • Francesca Cavallini, Ashoka Fellow, Tice
  • Massimo Vallati, Ashoka Fellow, Calciosociale/Open Challenge
  • Dario Riccobono, Ashoka Fellow, Addiopizzo travel