Driving the Recovery

Driving the Recovery

A new contribution by the Scientific Director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Alfonso Molina, on the Italian version of the HuffPost, is dedicated to World Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated today, October 5.


For Andreas Schleicher, the most amazing result of “first class” school systems is that they provide high quality education to the entire system. “Where there is a commitment to maximum inclusion, to helping every single student complete their course of studies, students have the highest scores on the international level. This happens where students are not failed, as happens in our schools or in Finland, Korea and Japan. The seed sown by Don Lorenzo Milan germinates afar in the world,” Tullio De Mauro wrote (Schools Are Good, When Teachers Excel).


For World Teacher’s Day, we would like to remember our teacher, Tullio De Mauro, who headed the Fondazione Mondo Digitale for over ten years. And, together with him, a nod and our heartfelt thanks to all our best teachers!


World Teachers’ Day – Teachers will Drive the Inclusive Recovery

Alfonso Molina

HuffPost, Oct. 4, 2021