Computational Wisdom

Computational Wisdom

Antonio Camerlengo’s book (Il pensiero computazionale. Logica e problem solving dallo studente al manager informatico  – Flaccovio, Palermo 2021) is now available in bookstores. This is a very interesting book not only for those interested in specific sectors, but also for anyone working in education. The essay is enriched by a series of fact sheets, focuses and contributions, including one on “Computational Wisdom.”


The volume also hosts various contributions by FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina and linguist Tullio De Mauro (Torre Annunziata 1932 – Rome 2017), who served as FMD President for over 10 years.


In his short contribution (pgs. 321-323), Alfonso Molina explains how computational thinking can be integrated in the Life Education Model and successfully tested in Phyrtual Innovation Gyms, not only with coding and educational robotics activities, but also with a wide range of different tools, such as Lego® Serious Play® or digital machinery.


Antonio Camerlengo
Il pensiero computazionale
Logica e problem solving dallo studente al manager informatico
 (Computational Thinking and Problem Solving from Students to IT Managers)

A journey through coding to discover its usefulness and learn how important it is to face our digital future with greater awareness.

“Accadde domani” Series
Flaccovio, Palermo 2021
Pgs. 336, Format 13 x 21, Cost: 25 euro