#Iocisono on “Più Culture”

#Iocisono on “Più Culture”

“We, all the individuals who have come together today in Rome and Catania, know what side we are on and on which side we want to be. We are determined to promote the best of humanity, solidarity and hope. That is why we resolutely proclaim, “I am here!”

This is the message of Alfonso Molina, the Scientific Director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, who arrived in Europe as an exile from the Chilean dicatoraship, used to kick off the “I Am There” event held contemporaneously both in Rome and Catania, by the FMD to celebrate World Refugee Day.

On-line Roman intercultural magazine www.piuculture.it reports on the “I Am There” solidarity football match held to promote World Refugee Day from the point of view of migrants.

Read the article (in Italian):

Io ci sono: sul campo di calcio dalla parte dell’integrazione