Learning to Teach

Learning to Teach

The “MLEARN training teachers to use mobile (handheld) technologies within mainstream school education. Schools Case Studies Report” is on-line and available for free.

The research carried out as part of Project M-LEARN – Training Teachers to use mobile (handheld) technologies within mainstream school education (Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme) addresses the impact of mobile technology in school.

Participating schools

  • Istituto Leonarda Vaccari
  • IC Rosmini
  • IC Marvasi
  • IIS L. Da Vinci
  • IC Santa Maria
  • IC Mozart
  • IC Via dell’Archeologia
  • IC Via Cortina
  • IC L. Di Liegro
  • IC R. Levi Montalcini
  • IC Via Casalotti


How can mobile technology be integrated into traditional school curricula? What are the benefits for learning?

The project was monitored and assessed through interview and focus groups with teachers, school administrators, parents and students and via the direct observation of class activities. The material was collected over a 30-month period.

All the classes were equipped with no less than one mobile device for every 4-5 students, as well as multimedia interactive boards and projectors to share contents.

In-class experimentation allowed the teachers to discover and explore an innovative teaching method that has reorganized the spaces and schedule of teaching by adapting them to the specific needs of students. Custom-tailored education has been beneficial to every student, helping them to develop reasoning skills, problem-solving capabilities, greater trust in their communication skills and propensity to work in teams, and greater independence.

The protagonists of this experience never had to work alone, but were always part of a learning community that experimented new collaborative strategies, shared knowledge, and promoted innovation as a key element for the continuous growth of the school community.


mlearn-casi-di-studioMLEARN training teachers to use mobile (handheld) technologies within mainstream school education. Schools Case Studies Report


Authors: Alfonso Molina, Annaleda Mazzucato

Multimedia contributions by Cecilia Stajano

Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Rome 2016