Systemic Innovation

Systemic Innovation

The 19th National Conference of CSVnet (Oct. 3-6, 2019), which opens today in Trento, addresses “The Folly of Volunteering. Thinking Differently, Donating Oneself, Changing the Future.”


The Folly of Volunteering

Thinking Differently, Donating Oneself, Changing the Future

19th National Conference CSVnet

Trento, Oct. 3-6, 2019



Non-profits and the Challenge of Technological Innovation” is one of the transversal issues that will be addressed at the event. It will be introduced at today’s plenary session by Alfonso Molina, Professor of “Technology strategy” at the University of Edinburgh 20 for 20 years and now Scientific Director of the Fondazione Mondo digitale.


Prof. Molina will open his address with a “review of the main examples of innovation (not only managerial) that have been recently practiced by the CSV Network (these examples will also be addressed on Friday 4 by a workgroup) and continue with a review of the complex relations between technology and society at the global level,” explains News Agency Dire.


“Molina believes that only by pursuing systemic innovation and providing not only services, but acting as agents of social change, can CSVs face this challenge.”