Troublesome Suburbs

Troublesome Suburbs

The three-year Smart & Heart Rome Programme, promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale with the City of Rome, includes activities at the Rome Città Educativa di Roma and the development of seven Innovation Gyms in the city’s suburbs. The Rome Città Educativa has been transformed into a permanent digital education hub for all citizens, while we take the Innovation Gum model to areas with a high rate of social distress and inequality to reinforce the role of school as a guarantor of sustainable development for the entire community.


In this short video, FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina, Personal Chair in Technology Strategy (Prof. Molina taught at the University of Edinburgh for over 20 years), explains the role of Innovation Gyms for education and local development.


Prof. Serafina Le Fosse from the Istituto comprensivo Melissa Bassi School in Tor Bella Monaca explains the central role of school in the project as a “safe place” for the community.


Rosa Cacioppo, who manages the Carlo Urbani School in Ostia, believes that the project strengthens the school’s vocation to interact with the local community and promote inclusion.


Stefania Forte, who manages the IC Poppea Sabina School in Casal Monastero, underlines the role of digital tools in the teaching and learning process.