Simplicity and Complexity

Simplicity and Complexity

Can we apply Giuseppe Averta’s “Robotic Method” to the great challenges that we are facing? FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina addresses this issue in his new contribution on the HuffPost Blog.


Giuseppe (28), a researcher at the University of Pisa, presented himself and his work at the 14th edition of RomeCup. The researcher efficiently and simply explained how he developed a robotic hand with “nineteen degrees of freedom,” just like the human hand. This one, however, is controlled by a single motor that opens and closes five fingers through a long tendon connected to individual elastic bands. This allows it to adapt to the shape of objects, both naturally and robustly.



The project for the robotic hand was developed by applying a different approach, “an anti-disciplinary one drawing from various different areas, including neurosciences, pyscho-physics, mechatronics, control theory and robotics. It’s the great challenge of consilience, working towards shared knowledge by merging different knowledge, know-how and skills.”


Diamoci una mano per interpretare la complessità

Giuseppe Averta receives the “Georges Giralt PhD Award” as best European doctoral thesis on robotics

by Alfonso Molina

HuffPost, April 30, 2021