Don’t Shun the Future

Don’t Shun the Future

Personal ecosystems and new sustainable scenarios

On Wednesday, July 13, the Energy Tech Summer Days organised by Project CO.ME.SE – COde&fraME for self Empawerment, promoted in partnership with ENI, the Città Educativa Innovation Gym in Rome hosted a lab on “Personal Ecosystems and New Sustainable Scenarios” held by Alfonso Molina, Scientific Director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, and Cecilia Stajano, certified Lego® Serious Play® and MTA Learning Facilitator.

Team building exercises with Tool Beez and the Mentimeter Platform were used to explore the dimensions of self-enterprise. The Personal Ecosystem Canvas (PEC), a tool that helps to align personal ecosystems with the social and professional spheres, and the challenges of our times, allowed students to explore aspects of their personality such as creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork . They represented their strengths and weaknesses with coloured bricks to present themselves dynamically and in an essential, yet profound, manner.

“I find it fascinating and demanding to work with youth,” explains Cecilia Stajano. “They know how to seriously question themselves. They launch challenges that must be accepted. You have to find an answer for them because it will help them shape their future.”

During the pandemic, educators feely doubly committed to discuss the “suspended life projects” of young people, according to a definition found in the recent report on the condition of youth in Italy (La condizione giovanile in Italia, Rapporto Giovani, Il Mulino). “Luckily, young people still have high expectations, and we must not let them down if we wish to see a generation fit for the future that awaits us all,” adds Cecilia. “Thanks for having questioned me once again!”