Third Millennium Arts

Third Millennium Arts

Today, FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina will be in Florence to participate in a panel on “Artifical Intelligence (AI), Natural Talent,” organised as part of the Arts for Future Festival (open until May 22).


Artifical Intelligence (AI), Natural Talent

Thursday, May 5, 15.30

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Can artificial intelligence mix with human talent? Are humans and AI two separate entities or can they blend together? This panel aims to explain how, by using any art form, humans and technology can create much more than mere emotions.

Moderator: Diletta Huyskes, Privacy Network



  • Daniela Cotimbo, Re:Humanism
  • Alex Braga, A-live
  • Alessandro Fusacchia, Representative, Culture Commission, Chamber of Deputies
  • Alfonso Molina, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Andrea Basso, Mito Technology